• Webinar: How Moved from MySQL to Clustered MariaDB for High Availability

    On Tuesday, February 23, please join us and the Severalnines team for a webinar on the scalable, open source database infrastructure behind is a fast growing cloud-based server and website monitoring service. The rapid growth of the CloudStats user base and the number of services being monitored created a significant load on its […]

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  • Top 10 Tips on How to Stop DDoS Attacks

    1. Stop SYN flood attacks This type of attack can be nasty if you don’t know what to do with it and how to detect it. Remember – all your servers must have TCP SYN Cookies enabled by default. To do it, open the file: nano /etc/sysctl.conf and add the following line: net.ipv4.tcp_syncookies = 1 […]

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  • Windows 2012 Available!

    Dear Friends, Please note that Windows 2012 Edition is now available on all Dedicated serves and Windows VPSes. Feel free to make an order if you are a Microsoft fan! 😉 2,234 total views, 2 views today

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  • More SuperMicro Xeon`s E5-2620 Added in Stock

    Hello everyone, We recently had a shortage of Supermicro Xeon E5-2620 series servers on the EAST coast. We would like to announce that within the next few days more of such servers will be added in stock. Servers are currently being deployed to datacenter. Thank you, WooServers Administration 2,176 total views, no views today

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  • Hurricane “Sandy” Warning

    Dear Clients, We would like to notify you about the potential network problems as the hurricane “Sandy” continues to approach the Northeastern section of the United States. All emergency situations teams have been summoned by datacenters in Pennsylvania and North Carolina. We expect to have no downtime because of this, but the risk of network […]

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  • What is Microsoft SQL Server?

    Microsoft SQL server is a database server developed by the Microsoft Corporation. It is mainly used to fetch the data requested by any other software from the data stored in the server itself. The software, which requests the, data from the server, could be on the same computer or either could be located away on a different computer connected remotely via the internet. Microsoft […]

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  • What are Dedicated Servers?

    Dedicated servers or dedicated hosting service is a kind of Internet hosting in which the entire server is leased to a single client, not on the sharing basis. The hosting is flexible as compared to the shared hosting because the organization posses the entire server control, such as, selection of hardware, or operating system etc. However, in absolute terms we define dedicated hosting […]

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  • Maintenance Notification – 10 December 2011

    10:32 AM: Maintenance is completed, we are powering on the servers. 10:02 AM: Maintenance has begun! 9:46 AM Update: Servers are being shut down to prepare for maintenance at 10 AM 9:41 AM Update: Maintenance to begin in 5 minutes Dear Clients, We are notifying you about the upcoming maintenance at our East Coast USA […]

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  • Installing WHM/cPanel on a Linux Server

    WHM/cPanel Logo

    WHM (Web Host Manager)/cPanel is the leading commercial control panel for web hosting that provides a graphical interface and automation tools and management and is widely used by both small and enterprise levels hosting companies.

    cPanel utilizes a 3 tier structure that provides functionality for administrators, resellers, and website owners to control various aspects of website and server administration through a standard web browser.

    Application-based support includes Apache, PHP, MySQL, Postgres, Perl, and BIND (DNS). Email based support includes POP3, IMAP, SMTP services. cPanel is commonly accessed on port 2082, with an SSL-secured server operating on port 2083.

    WHM/cPanel can be installed on any server. If you currently operate your own servers and wish to purchase the WHM/cPanel software you can buy from any WHM/cPanel reseller.

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  • Top 10 Most Used Linux Shell Commands

    There are plenty linux command which can monitor or configure different aspects and settings of your *NIX based system.

    Of course that in the beginning, you don’t want to learn 500 commands and then shuffle parameters from another commands inside the when you use; so today, I’m going to list you the most useful commands on linux systems for a end-user.

    1) Top – this command is like the task manager on Windows systems. It provides you a list with all the running tasks. Also, this is the first command you would need to run in your shell if you encounter lag on your machine, so you could get information about what is using you so much ram.

    2) ln – this command is like the “Shortcut” in Windows systems. It is also called an alias creator.

    3) zip/gzip – zip and gzip are compression algorithms. A compression algorythm is used in softwares that allow you to create so called “archive” files. These commands are usually used to extract single/multiple files from archives. Often, these commands are used in automation shell scripts which run automatic backups on your system. Keep in mind that zip/gzip will decrease your filesize considerably, so you will have more space remaining for personal data.

    4) nano – nano is a text editor application which has a shell backend. You can edit text files / configuration files from the shell console.

    5) grep – grep is a powerful tool. It is mainly based on regexp (or regular expressions). For linux starters, this command cand be used to search in files for a specified text piece. Keep in mind that this powerful tool can be used in combination with other linux tools!

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  • Monitoring Your Server and Website

    So, how is your website doing? You don’t know? Well, if this is so our guide will help you discover and re-discover some of the most popular website and server statistics tools and plugins so that you can analyse every aspect of your creation. 1. The “Top” Command Whether you are on a dedicated or […]

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  • 10 Powerful Linux Commands

    “PS”, “RM -RF”, “PSTREE” and other very important linux server administration commands are described in a post by Here’s a short quote: This article is equal parts opinion and fact, as the most powerful commands depends on what one needs them for; someone who is running a network of Linux machines will require different […]

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