We are happy to provide an update on what’s happening inside of WooServers.

At WooServers we strive to provide great services at best prices. As many of you know, in the past years we have been focusing on Dedicated Servers and Virtual Machines as the basis of our offers.

However, due to general changes in the hosting market, maintaining Dedicated Server offers looks no longer viable. This is due to the fact, that Virtual Machines (or Instances) offer much greater flexibility while offering almost the same performance as that of Dedicated Servers.

This has led to a decision to start offering Instances as our main offer, instead of focusing on Dedicated Servers.

Of course, all those users still working with Dedicated Servers will enjoy continued support from us. However, we do recommend making a migration to one of the newer offers to make sure all latest features, such as High Availability and Failover are supported. We will be sending migration offers to most of the clients in the coming weeks.

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