Flussonic is one of the top video streaming platforms on the market, allowing you to build Live Streaming, VOD and Re-streaming applications and services. WooServers has been working on partnering with Flussonic in order to provide the best quality service and support with pre-installed Flussonic Instances which would allow you to setup Flussonic quickly on a server and start streaming.

Now we are happy to announce that with every new Flussonic Instance, you are able to claim a 10% Discount Off Flussonic license. Please note that this offer only includes NEW services activated at of after today’s date (25 February 2020). This offer may change or be withdrawn in the future, so please contact our Live Chat in order to verify the offer availability.

In order to claim the offer, you need to purchase a Flussonic Instance from WooServers and then provide server IP address to Flussonic team via ticket on Flussonic website. Once approved, you will be able to get a 10% Discount on the New Flussonic License.

Contact us for any questions you may have. Again, please note that we are unable to provide discount for Existing services or Flussonic licenses that you have, only for new ones.


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