Flussonic Cloud Instances

Launch your own IPTV/OTT, VOD or Live Streaming

Run Flussonic in the Cloud

Flussonic Cloud Instances are servers which run Flussonic software. Using Flussonic instances, you can launch your IPTV, Live Streaming or VOD easily and without any hassle. Send your RTMP streams to Flussonic and distribute content.

Ssd disk
12 GB
2 vCPU
80 GB
5 TB
24 GB
4 vCPU
160 GB
10 TB
48 GB
8 vCPU
300 GB
20 TB
96 GB
16 vCPU
600 GB
40 TB
192 GB
32 vCPU
1200 GB
80 TB
240 GB
40 vCPU
1500 GB
100 TB

Powered by Flussonic Media Server

Flussonic Cloud Instance Features

Launch your IPTV

Flussonic instances hosted by WooServers allow you to launch your IPTV project quickly and efficiently

Zero Setup Costs

WooServers handles installation and upgrades of Flussonic for you, so that you can focus on your IPTV business

Fast Network

The main requirement for IPTV is the network capacity, and WooServers instances are perfectly suited for IPTV projects

Live Streaming and VOD

Whether you are launching Live Streaming or VOD, WooServers Flussonic instances are perfectly suited for both

Support for Middleware

All Flussonic instances are compatible with Middleware, allowing you to bill your end customers or resell streaming capacity via Magoware or MediaCP.

Open Broadcaster Software

Our Flussonic instances fully support Open Broadcaster Software, which you can also host on WooServers Windows Cloud Instances

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