Windows SSD Instance Pricing

Windows Server Instances provide you with full Windows Desktop experience while running 24x7 in the Cloud.

Ssd disk
12 GB
2 vCPU
80 GB
5 TB
24 GB
4 vCPU
160 GB
10 TB
48 GB
8 vCPU
300 GB
20 TB
96 GB
16 vCPU
600 GB
40 TB
192 GB
32 vCPU
1200 GB
80 TB
240 GB
40 vCPU
1500 GB
100 TB

WooServers SSD Cloud Instance Features

High Availability

WooServers Instances provide High Availability at all stages ensuring your server will remain online in any circumstances

Instant Provisioning

WooServers Instances are fully automated allowing you to deploy, setup and configure Instances by yourself

Guaranteed Resources

Featuring best in class KVM virtualization, WooServers Intances fit the most advanced workload requirements

Kubernetes Support

Looking to host an app on Kubernetes, WooServers Instances are a perfect fit for Kubernetes

Deploy and Go

WooServers Instances are easy to access and manage. Simply signup and receive welcome details to your email

Local SSD Storage

Local SSD Storage provides better performance than network storage at other providers ensuring max. performance

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