100% Private Cloud

100% Private Cloud

Your own 100% Private Cloud with Unlimited Resources
and Complete Control

Your own 100% Private Cloud with Unlimited Resources
and Complete Control

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Private Cloud Features

WooServers Private Cloud is based on the ProxMox cloud platform which provides great flexibility in configuration

Private Cloud Features
Single Tenant Infrastructure

Unlike in public clouds, in a Private Cloud solution you do not share resources with any other users

Ceph or Local SSD / NVMe Storage

You can easily provision and use a Ceph unlimited storage cluster or Local SSD/NVMe for highest IOPS

Unlimited Scalability

Whenever you require additional resources, just let us add more nodes and you are instantly set to go

Firewall Configuration

You get a complete control over Firewall configuration, letting you create Hybrid Cloud setups and limit access to your servers

Flexible Access

Provide access to your administrators, users and clients. Setup correct permissions so that you are 100% safe in terms of who and how can access your Cloud.

24×7 Support

WooServers provides top notch customer support and is present 24×7 on site. Our own services, such as Cloud Dedicated Servers and Cloud Virtual Machines run on the same platform, which makes us experts in Cloud solutions.

Private Cloud Solutions

ProxMox platform is the Private Cloud solution used by WooServers to provide you with a complete private cloud solution.

Provision VMs | Control Storage | Ceph | Backups

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