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  • In Cloud

    WooServers DBA’s team is capable of provisioning, managing and monitoring the most advanced database setups for your application to achieve high availability in any cloud platform that you are currently using.

    • Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Rackspace Cloud, Google Compute
    • Full Cluster Setup, Configuration, Monitoring, Management and Maintenance
    • Expert Advice and Infrastructure Planning
    • Backup Configuration and Maintaining
  • openstack-web

  • OpenStack Private Cloud

    WooServers provides OpenStack private cloud setups for the database cluster of your choice.

    • OpenStack Private Cloud
    • Apache Spark Setup, Management, Monitoring, Maintenance
    • 24/7 Expert Support
    • Up to 10 Management Hours included per cluster
  • backup

  • On Premises Setups

    Outsource your On Premises Database Cluster Management and Operations to a 24×7 Specialist Team.

    • Remote On Premiuses Cluster Management
    • Full Cycle Setup, Configuration, Optimization, Management and Maintenance
    • Flexible hourly billing
    • Always Online Skype/Phone Support ready to assist



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