High Performance Dedicated Servers

Complete Customization for Your Needs


Building a scalable architecture is challenging - you have to condider many failure scenarios and plan ahead your application structure. This is where WooServers expertise is applied. We will assist with your architecture design and provisioning so that your applications and scalable and secure.
Migrating to a Cloud is one of the most challenging tasks you may encounter. This is due to the differences in technologies used of your previous infrastructure and AWS. At any times our specialists will assist with your App migration to AWS.
Security of one of the key points you must take into account when migrating to a Public cloud like AWS. Managing your SecOps may be challenging while you also must remain PCI-DSS and HIPAA compliant. WooServers is capable of managing your application security in any form.
Managing AWS requires you to dedicate valuable company resources to various tasks, sometimes requiring skills of many individuals. With WooServers you can rest assured that all skills are present and the team is ready to respond to any challenge you may face with AWS.
It is important to keep an eye on resource utilization to be able to optimize and minimize AWS costs and resources used. WooServers offers a range of optimization services from resource utilization optimization to cost optimization of AWS.
Hybrid Cloud
Sometimes it is more reliable to create a Hybrid Infrastructure where your application is hosted on Dedicated Servers at WooServers while some services are hosted on AWS. This allows to achieve at least 30% in cost savings each month.


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