Tutorial on DNS Configuration in cPanel-WHM

How to create proprietary DNS records?

To configure the proprietary DNS in cPanel-WHM, we perform the following steps:

 * First, make sure your server has a proper hostname. For example, "" where is the domain you have registered and added to cPanel-WHM.

* Log into cPanel / WHM.
* Click Edit DNS Zone at the left of my menu.
* Once click on the domain you want to use as Nameservers, select it and then click the Edit button.
* Add Ns1 and ns2 records. Remember to enter your VPS IP address on the IP. If you have only one IP, you can use an IP for both records.
* Save the built-in DNS zone.
* You also need to set and half-servers on your domain. Refer to the company where you registered the domain and set up the half-servers with the IP listed in step 5 on the domain.

I hope this training will help you
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Friday, 17 August 2018
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