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 If you're looking to secure your PC, Mac or Android mobile from malware, we'll help you choose the right antivirus for this post. Malware targets everywhere and all of your devices. Even Apple's iOS malware is still there, but no antiviral has yet been made. But what type of antivirus software should you use and where to go to buy antivirus? Should You Buy Licensing Or Use Free Antivirus? Why do different models of antiviruses come from a company? And finally, does the use of antivirus harm the system performance? The answer to all these questions is complicated, but here we are dealing with a topic that helps you when you buy antivirus.

Buy antivirus with high detection capability
The first point to consider before choosing an antivirus is that it can detect over 95% of malware, whether it's a fake malware, whether it's a Trojan or a rootkit or any other virus. It should also be taken into account that the antivirus is also less likely to detect the error, but there is a false diagnosis of modern antiviruses that use artificial intelligence, but its amount is very low. Norton antivirus and AVG and Avast free antivirus also have a high level of identification, but are not enforceable due to international sanctions in Iran. Antivirus vendors that are available in the market include Antivirus Nine 32 ESET, Kaspersky Kaspersky, F-Secure F-Secure and Bitdefender BitDefender.

Look for a light anti-virus
When considering antivirus software for licensing, be sure to consider choosing the product that has the least system resources. Most computer users want to forget about it after the installation of the antivirus software, but sometimes the software does not allow them, and when they scan and behind the scenes, they slow down their work. This is especially important for older older systems. So try to install the trial version before you buy antivirus license, and work it for a few days and make sure it does not slow down your work.

Free antiviruses are well protected, but the licensed anti-virus features are higher
Some free antivirus products protect you against malware. But the anti-virus licenses that they are licensed for offer more features, especially on Windows operating systems. Antivirus FSB, for example, which is capable of running on all kinds of operating systems, as well as for home and office computers, has antivirus software, patches management, an online management console, web control and secure Internet banking, which costs For 3 devices 45 euros.

You see how easy it is to use the software
Once you have installed the antivirus test, see if it's easy to use, or you need to search multiple pages for access. The convenience of working with antivirus is one of the important things to keep in mind.

Be sure to test it before you buy it
As mentioned above, you can use it as a trial before you buy antivirus for a month. Most brands, whether for Windows or Mac, can give their users a chance. Also, most Android antiviruses have a free version, and if you need more features, you can buy a more advanced version of it.

Do not spend more than you need
Most manufacturing companies offer several categories of products, such as antivirus, internet security, and advanced levels, which are always more expensive. All of these products have the same malware detection level. The difference is that there are additional features like parental control, password management, upgrade software, online banking, secure purchases, and so on. So if you do not need these features you do not need to buy the most expensive product.

Do not suffer from an antivirus
Maybe you'll buy licensing after you have used an antivirus for one month. But instead of fast doing this, look for more. Perhaps you can find a cheaper anti-virus product with better capabilities.

Microsofts antivirus is not enough
Windows Defender is an antivirus that Microsoft offers as a bundle with its operating system and in Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. Although this product is getting better, it's still a competitor for antivirus brands.

Types of antivirus solutions
Anti-Viruses today offer multi-device licenses. This means that if you buy a multi-user license, you can use it on a randomly-used Windows, Mac, and Android device. Of course, multi-device or multi-device licenses are not as cost-effective as the Android antivirus license is often less expensive, but for multi-device licenses you probably need to pay more.

Antivirus versions
Companies that make casual gaming offer newer versions of their products. Always newer versions have more useful features and less problems. So always use the latest version provided by the company. You can use all versions of the manufacturer's support by purchasing the original antivirus license.

Anti Maluor is not antivirus
Never mistake antivirus anti malware. Anti-Moorers, such as the Malverbytes, perform well to clean infected devices, but do not protect your computer or Mac from being infected when it occurs. Antiviruses are designed for this purpose.

Do not worry about firewall or firewall
Since Windows introduced the firewall as part of Windows in the Vista version, anti-virus companies dropped the firewall off their products, because the Windows Firewall is better than the antivirus firewall. So do not look for an antivirus firewall because it's the default feature in Windows and the best.

Buy a secure online store of licensed antivirus products
Once you have chosen your product, make sure to make your purchase from a secure online store. There are many online stores that sell anti-virus licenses, but many of them do not have support services and do not have a place to handle customer requests and just a virtual space. Even worse, some online stores sell fake and cracked products and somehow deceive customers.

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