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Open Rock Rock Openstack

OpenStack is the new OpenStack OpenStation (18th) OpenStreet, released on August 30, 2018, with various changes to fix and enhance functionality.

OpenStack Rocky focuses on bare metal clouds, fast forward upgrades, and hardware accelerators. And to meet the needs of the machine learning industry, artificial intelligence, edge processing (Edge) and programmable cloud infrastructure.

Open Rock Rock changes:
OpenStack Cinder:
Improved IPv6 support for storage devices.
Support for scheduler extensions of the type of operation being performed in the cinder.
Stronger support for NVME drives under LVM
Improve QOS

OpenStack Designate:
Listener pooling support

OpenStack Glance:
Multi-store backend multi-store backend storage support for trial
Auto-format image extensions With this Rocky Stack feature, users can specify destination formats for image storage.

OpenStack Heat:
Improved interaction with Neutron

OpenStack Horizon:
Improved quota management for groups and users
Added the Interfaces tab to the Instance menu
Possibility to create security groups when determining ports

OpenStack Ironic:
Support for monitoring SNMP setup
Support for ilo and bios, IPMI

OpenStack Keystone:
Transfer backend from Django to Flask
Improve restrictions

OpenStack Neutron:
Added support for port forwarding for Floating IP in Open Rock Rocky

Support for AArch64 architecture
Ability to disable Cells
Official support for NVME drives
OpenStack Octavia:
Added UDP-CONNECT to Balansor loaded health monitors
OpenStack Qinling:
Connectivity to Kubernetes with ssl
OpenStack Swift:
Ability to set IP range restrictions for temporary addresses (TempURLs)
Improves file encryption

Tips for buying antivirus
Change SSH Port


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Sunday, 16 December 2018