Install CloudLinux OS on CentOS 7

Install CloudLinux OS on CentOS 7

​Hello Everyone

Cloud Linux OS is an operation system that use for shared hosting providers.

this OS is CentOS Based software and will be replace with CentOS , with cloud Linux you can limit resources for users.

i want to learn you that how can you convert your CentOS server to Cloud Linux server.

Requirements :

1. CentOS 6.9 Hybrid or 7.x

2. Cloud Linux activation or IP based license

3. installed WHM/CPanel on CentOS server.

when you install Cloud Linux , it will be install a practical add-on on CPanel : PHP Version Selector ,  it will access user to enable PHP add-ons for own and limit some parameter of php.ini just for own account.

if you want try Cloud Linux , you can get free trial activation key for 30 days in this URL ( this website not service to limited countries like Iran , North Korea , etc ... ):

first of all please update your CentOs with below command:

then, you should install Cloud Linux repositories , so please login on ssh on console , then execute this command:

 if you have activation key , please execute this command ( replace "<activation key>" with your key ):

else , you can install cloud Linux with IP address :

Cloud Linux have smart installer script it can detect environment , virtualization type ( Like Xen , KVM, VMWare and etc ... ) , control panels and etc ...

it will be install any require drive automatically.

if you was install Easy Apache 3 , it will rebuild any process because Apache module need it, or if you installed Easy Apache 4 it will be install all of Apache module RPM packages, so you not need more action, when you execute installer script you just should wait to fully install.

after install , you should reboot OS for load server Cloud Linux kernel. you can reboot OS with this command:

now your CentOS server is converted to Cloud Linux OS.

after reboot OS , please login to WHM panel and check plugins sections. you will see that LVE Manager is added to this section, when you enter on it, you will see 6 tabs:

1. Currect Usage: in this tab you can see which user using how much resource now.

2. Users: in this tab you can limit users in using resources.

3. Statistics: in this tab you can see users usage history.

4. Options: in this tab you can configuration Cloud Linux.

5. Packages: in this tab you can limit packages , and when you will create a new account in this package user usage limit will be assigned automatically.

6. Selectors: in this tab you can config default PHP Add-ons of PHP native in CPanel PHP selector.

when ever you want uninstall Cloud Linux and come back to CentOs , just you should execute this command:

Cloud Linux automatically uninstall and after reboot you have CentOS.

if you have any question please comment it.

have a good time.

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Sunday, 18 November 2018