Explanations of the 403 and 404


What is 404?

HTTP Error 404 is an error message, which means that the webpage you are looking for does not exist. Error 404 is also known as "File not found", "Found" and "Scroll".

404 Not found
The server did not find anything matching Request-URI. No indication of whether the status is temporary or permanent is not clear. Status code 410 (Gone) should be used if the server knows, through some internal customizable mechanisms, that an old permanent resource is not available and does not have any shipping address. This status code is usually used when the server does not want to precisely determine why the request is denied or when no other response is enforceable.

What to do when error 404 occurs
Make sure the URL is entered correctly.
Try the URL with another file extension (.html, .htm, .shtml, .php).
Try deleting the file name from the URL to see if something is visible in the directory.
Go to the home page and search for a search function.
Go to Google and search for a similar page.

HTTP error 403
HTTP Error 403 is an error message that means you are not allowed to view the webpage you are trying to load. Error 403 is also known as "Prohibited." Mistakes 403 errors are often seen when you are trying to browse to a directory that has access to the browser's directory permission turned off. The actual error message you receive will depend on your web browser. For example, Internet Explorer says: "You are not allowed to view this page."

403 Forbidden
The server understood the request, but avoided doing so. The license does not help, and the request should not be repeated. If the method was not HEAD and the server was willing to know why this request was not made, it should explain why the unit was rejected. If the server does not want to provide this information to the client, you can instead select the status code 404 (Not found).


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