Configuring MtProto ( CentOS / Ubuntu / Debian )

 Hello Good time for all your friends Configuring MTProto using a command line along with a promoter channel for systems

1- Connect to your server by SSH.
2- Then select the correct commands according to the type of operating system below and start the installation process automatically.

Ubuntu and Debian

apt-get install -y curl && curl -O && bash

CentOS 7.X

yum install wget -y && wget -N --no-check-certificate && bash

‚ÄčGuide :

 At the start of the process, the selected port will ask you and, if you do not enter a port, it will be determined by default. At the end of the process of installing and initiating the settings of the channel of sponsorship, you will need a tag produced by the telegram robot, which must be done in accordance with the following steps and enter the instructions For sponsorship channel settings A) Enter the @MTProxybot robot B) Select the newproxy command C) Enter the server and port information with the recipe. Host (or ip): port as well as the secret code of the previous step. D) Save the created tag code E) From the myproxy section, you can select the server you have defined and register your channel on the server in the robot

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