Configuring Metaproxy in Linux


Install NodeJS, NPM, GIT and PM2 on your server:

Debian & Ubuntu

apt-get install nodejs npm git
npm install pm2 -g


yum install nodejs npm git
npm install pm2 -g

Check the version of NodeJS, it should be version 6 or higher:

nodejs -v

If it is lower than 6, you need to upgrade your linux OS or install nodejs from its website:

Clone repository on your server:

git clone

Enter JSMTProxy directory and edit config file (config.json) if you wish. You can change the secret and listening port. it is in json format.


Start the app in cluster mode using pm2:

pm2 start mtproxy.js -i max

You can use pm2 to list running processes and check their logs:

pm2 list
pm2 log mtproxy
​pm2 show mtproxy

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Sunday, 16 December 2018