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Linux Cloud (CloudLinux) is the name of a Linux operating system by which
It provides you with a lot of interesting features. By this operating system
You can create a lot of work on shared hosting services
And increase security, speed and quality of service....

More server stability by CloudLinux Linux Cloud

Using the Linux Cloud (CloudLinux), you'll be able to use the resources used by each user
Specify precisely and make your server more stable. By assigning specific resources to each user
You can reduce the speed of sites by other users.
You will be able to allocate a certain amount of hardware to a user
Limit the user to those resources, so if you need more resources for processing,
It will not be used from other subscriber sources, but will be used by resource allocators
Finding is done. This way, a user can not use all of your server resources.

Increase server security by CloudLinux Linux Cloud

Security has always been one of the main issues for all users and service providers.
  CloudLinux has provided interesting and useful ways for this.
Using a feature called cage or cage, every user will be caged in his cage.
By this feature, security will increase as each user only and only
Your files and processes will be accessed no more. With these other conditions
You do not need to worry about cracking (hacking) a user without hacking others
The accounts also have access and all the websites are in trouble.

Increase Server Profit by CloudLinex Linux Cluster

Prior to the Linux Cloud (CloudLinux), the servers had to make a difference
Make different plans based on volume, number of databases and these factors.
However, with the release of the Linux Cluster, more features were included such as RAM, i / o,
Cpu yo and ... which we used to describe before. You will be able
With this distinction, create a more accurate final price for your hosting services.

Increase Server Performance by CloudLinux Linux Cluster

Different resource allocations such as processor, i / o, etc. have a very significant impact on reducing the load on the server
And the pressure on the server. With the Linux Cluster, you can have 100% confidence
Be sure your server performance is as high as possible.
This article was written by Mr. Mehdi Rezaee.

I hope this training will be useful to you. Good luck

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Kadheer Kadheer on Thursday, 07 June 2018 05:25

Good tutorial hammed great go on add more tutorials

Good tutorial hammed great go on add more tutorials
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