• What is Microsoft SQL Server?

    Microsoft SQL server is a database server developed by the Microsoft Corporation. It is mainly used to fetch the data requested by any other software from the data stored in the server itself. The software, which requests the, data from the server, could be on the same computer or either could be located away on a different computer connected remotely via the internet. Microsoft […]

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  • What are Dedicated Servers?

    Dedicated servers or dedicated hosting service is a kind of Internet hosting in which the entire server is leased to a single client, not on the sharing basis. The hosting is flexible as compared to the shared hosting because the organization posses the entire server control, such as, selection of hardware, or operating system etc. However, in absolute terms we define dedicated hosting […]

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  • Top 18 Coolest jQuery Effects You Didn’t Know About

    With the introduction of jQuery web developers became able to develop websites with amazing graphic effects without using the Flash technology. This article presents some of the most impressive jQuery effects which can be created using native browser tools and your imagination. This article is another reason to update your browser!  (take a test here)

    1. Apple-like Retina Effect

    A well designed effect allowing you to zoom any part of a predefined image. In browsers which do not support CSS3 the magnifying glass will be square.

    (click on images to test the effect)

    2. Avia Slider

    The following slider has 8 different effects pleasing your eyes with perfect rendering.

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  • Microsoft Office For Mac 2011 Is Finished

    This is definitely great news for all Mac users, because now Microsoft has finished its Office For Mac 2011. Well, the new version of Microsoft Office is available for Windows and Mac users. The new version of Microsoft Office will have even more features, besides Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 will have a brand new […]

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  • Cameyo – Virtualize Your Applications Now!

    Would you like to pack all of your files into one .exe file and make the portable? Well, there are many ways how to do that, you can choose between paid and free software. But there is one programme, that stands out of the crowd – Cameyo. Cameyo is absolutely free product virtualization application, actually […]

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  • Fixing iPhone 4 “No-Sim Installed” Problem

    We recently bought several iPhones 4 for our company employees in order to show how much we value them (this is true, guys!).

    However, after using the new phones for a while we encountered a problem that some of them could not see the sim-card installed in them. The thing is that the SIM cards used by the new iPhones are smaller than those used in previous models. The new format is called “micro-sim” and the SIM cards seem to be at least one third smaller than the normal sims. Micro-sims look like this:

    Picture by Gizmodo (Source)

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  • Free Mondays at WooServers

    Dear all, today we would like to announce our giveaway – Free Mondays at WooServers.com From now on, every Monday we will be giving away VPSes with the following configuration: 512 MB Ram (Guaranteed) 20 GB HDD 1000 GB Bandwidth Absolutely free for 1 month to the first 3 people to reply to the blog […]

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