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Dear all, today we would like to announce our giveaway – Free Mondays at


From now on, every Monday we will be giving away VPSes with the following configuration:

512 MB Ram (Guaranteed)


1000 GB Bandwidth

Absolutely free for 1 month to the first 3 people to reply to the blog post.


The giveaway will be taking place on this blog on a regular basis! Don’t worry if you did not make it among the first 3 this Monday! Just come back in a week and try your luck again!

Remember to check out the Woo blog every Monday!

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  1. Hello, everyone!

    Just a few clarifications. We will contact the first 3 commentators with a promo code, so please use the correct e-mail required for posting the comment! This blogpost has been published in advance to attract attention but only those who will leave a comment on Monday (first 3 to do that on Monday) will be eligible for the free VPS. Starting from the week after, the posts themselves would go live on Mondays, so please check regularly and comment as fast as you can! 🙂

    Have a nice day!


  2. Is it free for one month? What after that? How much is this configuration?
    Anyway, good news and good job!

  3. I’ve used the correct email, so I hope that I will be able to get in on this. I’ve always considered using you guys to host one of my 6 VPS projects I currently have, but would absolutely love this opportunity to try you guys out. Thanks much for the offer!

  4. Hello everyone, thank you for participating. As there are 3 comments on this post now this weeek’s contest is finished. As for the winners, we will contact you guys shortly.

  5. Dear Saleel,

    Please check back tomorrow, on Monday, and be among the first 3 to comment on the new post to participate. As to the price after the first month, it will be our standard price for VPS 1, $6.99 . Please note that there is NO obligation to stay longer than one month, although we will be more than happy to see you as our customer for a longer period.

  6. Tommy, please check the more recent post. Every Monday a new blogpost will go live on the Woo Blog and comments should also go there to win the free VPS.