Azure Administration, Scaling, Monitoring and Optimization from Microsoft Certified Engineers

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  • Fully Certified Azure Management & Configuration

    WooServers Technical Engineers are capable of assisting with configuration of all Microsoft Azure services:

    • Azure Cloud Services
    • Azure Virtual Machines
    • Virtual Networks
    • Public and Internal Load Balancers
    • Database Clusters
    • Azure Storage
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  • Azure Monitoring and Alerts

    WooServers specialists are capable of configuring and managing your Azure Monitoring services as well as using more advanced monitoring solutions, making sure your applications are always up and running. Some of the monitoring solutions we use:

    • Azure Diagnostics
    • Microsoft System Center
    • Zabbix
    • Datadog
    • CloudStats
    • and others…
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  • Database Configuration and Cluster Management

    Outsource your Database Management and Administration to WooServers Certified DBA`s team.

    Some of the database technologies our team is capable of supporting:

    • SQL Server Configuration and Administration
    • MariaDB/Galera Cluster Management
    • Master-Master and Master-Slave Replication Setups
    • PostgreSQL DB Management
    • NoSQL DB Configuration and Management: ElasticSearch Clusters, MemSQL, OpenTSDB
    • Data Ingress Management and Setup: Apache Kafka, Apache Spark, Hadoop


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  • Azure Auto and Manual Scaling Setups

    In order to support your application growth an Auto-Scaling or a Manual Scaling setup must be implemented. WooServers specialists will provide assessment and management of your applications as well as cost prediction analysis so that you remain in full control over your application performance.

    Some of the technologies we use for app scaling:

    • Azure Auto-Scaling
    • Virtual Machine Template creation and provisioning
    • Database Cluster Management
    • Application Monitoring from the DevOps perspective
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  • Azure Cost Optimization

    WooServers team offers Azure Cost Optimization services which allow your company to remain fully aware of your Azure costs and expenses and get valuable advice on how to cut your Azure spending.

    Some of the cost management techniques we use:

    • Daily Cost Structure Assessment
    • Azure Usage Daily and Monthly Reports
    • Service Usage Assessment and Cost Optimization Advice